A natural park located in the center of the heart of Batam, where visitors will get a thrilling and exciting experience from rides and shows in the forest.

PANBIL NATURE RESERVE is a natural tourism park that occupies an area of 260 hectares and is next to the premium residential area of Villa Panbil. This tourist park is an extension of the Panbil business unit which presents the theme of educational tourism in nature and is suitable for children, teenagers, to adults.

PANBIL NATURE RESERVE is the best natural tourism park in the Riau Archipelago that presents an adventurous experience in nature with a variety of rides and activities of international quality. Panbil Nature Reserve actively manages the area as a form of efforts to become a center for conservation and preservation of Indonesia’s forests.


Zona Artrium

Nikmati suasana alam dengan berbagai kuliner Nusantara yang menggugah selera. Beragam variasi mulai dari jenis nusantara hingga western tersedia untuk menemani harimu….

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