Preserve Nature with Sustainable Friends!​

Explore the wild and challenging nature reserve at Panbil Nature Reserve, with an area of 260 hectares, which is recognized as safe as a fun educational and recreational facility. Panbil Nature Reserve presents the concept of educational tourism that synergizes with forest ecosystems, and acts as an oasis in the midst of crowded city life. Take a walk and breathe the forest air that makes you feel calm and be a part of the diverse flora and fauna that await. Preserve nature with #LestariPNR

adventure is fun at panbil nature reserve

Explore various thrilling adventure activities in Batam’s largest Eco Edu area. The best place for every unforgettable memories with family. Panbil Nature Reserve offers the best choice for those of you who want to know and enjoy the beauty of nature firsthand. Visiting every sector that has a unique identity, hiking activities, camping to family recreation is an option that is a pity to miss.

Panbil Nature Reserve contributes to providing a safe and comfortable experience exploring a conserved forest. Interacting with feeding animals and standing in close proximity will be an unforgettable experience.